Is is possible to search for MD5 hash?

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My technical knowledge is very lacking so forgive me if I have any misunderstandings. From what I can gather, Danbooru creates image filenames based on their MD5 hash. I'm not really interested in whether or not that is true, what I am interested in is finding an image based on filename alone.

To create a scenario, I have broken image files and all I have to off of are the filenames. I know I got them from booru because of the random character filename. I want to make those files whole again.

I've tried using the following engine: http://haruhidoujins.iqdb.org/db-search.php but it only allows me to search files that I either possess or urls I currently know. I tried uploading the files in question but to no avail (probably because they are 0 bytes files).

Your help is appreciated!

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If the hash is longer than 32 hexadecimal characters, there is a good chance that's not MD5 but SHA1, and I think Gelbooru uses the latter for filenames. So if there is a chance that you got files from there, that may explain why some hashes fail to find anything here.