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The only "Chris"es that show up on Bulbapedia right now are NPCs from Pokemon Ranger and the first TCG game, and Bulbapedia tends to use the English names over the Japanese (in fact, the Pokemon Ranger NPC's name is クレス as opposed to クリス, and Bulbapedia romanizes that to "Cress").

This doesn't 100% guarantee that there won't be any "Chris"es in the future, however.


Honestly, I was thinking of how "Chris" is already the name for an alternate version of (the character) Crystal in Pokémon: Golden Boys. But she's tagged "crystal_(pokemon)" anyway in post #925632 and post #925632, so there's no problem here.

I acknowledge your point. I take back the "chris_(pokemon) -> crystal_(pokemon)" implication.

Do you think "crys_(pokemon) -> crystal_(pokemon)" should be retracted, too?