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Actually, after looking at the sailor hat tags I have to disagree. I think we're actually better off having two separate tags for this, since I'm seeing two distinct types of sailor headwear.

One is the kind that Minamitsu from Touhou and most navies wear, which is a flat-topped and may or may not have a visor (as Minamitsu does):
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The other is the kind that Popeye and US sailors wear, which is also called a "dixie cup":
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Shinjidude said:
-1 to dixie cup it is identical to (and probably derived from) a genericized brand of paper cups. We shouldn't allow that sort of ambiguity.

The wikipedia page for sailor_cap (unfortunately no citations) would indicate that it was given the name due to similarity with the paper cups.

If the "dixie cup" style hat is for the most part unique to the US, then it might be fine simply calling it US_sailor_hat. The wikipedia article mentions that the Polish navy before 1939 also used the style, but even they called it a "American Hat."