Tag Alias: mikan <-> tangerine

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Personally I do not see a reason to differentiate these from other oranges and would side with simply aliasing these to the orange tag.

If for some reason there is a reason to retain differentiation, then I would have to say alias both mikan and tangerine to mandarin_orange or mandarin, as both are listed as varieties of mandarin oranges. Digging around, there are several sites that list mikan/satsuma as Citrus reticulata subspecies unshiu.

In fact the mandarin tag is already currently be used for the orange as well.


mikan can refer to a name, but from what I have seen so far, all characters named Mikan either have surnames or have qualifiers.

mandarin can refer to the Chinese language (in particular the one spoken widely around the world based on the one spoken in Beijing). But hearing Mandarin Chinese will automatically elicit a response of simply Chinese with no reference to it being Mandarin Chinese.

So unless we do some more digging to tell the odd man out, then it's a go for the alias.

There's a difference in size. Tangerines, mandarins, clementines and mikans are all the same to me, but an orange is much bigger (and usually a lot more round than the other 4, which are squashed or red blood cell shaped often).


Tangerines don't have significant color difference, actually. Not one that artists pay any real attention to, anyway.

I also don't see a point in separating orange. They might typically be bigger but it's not like they're often side-by-side so how are you really supposed to tell the difference unless it's on a kotatsu or something? Specific tags for fruit just seems to be outside the scope of the site.