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Mmm. I can see the Famicom Wars argument, even though I'm torn between aliasing or implying as there are other branches of the Famicom Wars series like Batallion Wars.

At the very least, I'd use Nintendo Wars instead of Famicom Wars and I'd leave the individual titles and characters alone. Reason being this isn't a very Japan-centric series and I'd wager that even among Danbooru members the English titles are going to be more well-known.


Going by wikipedia it seems for most of these titles starting with the GBA titles were first announced with the English title Advance Wars (which seems to be the international title for the series). Also in most cases the game was released first in English (though they were localized), despite being developed in Japan.

The Japanese didn't get Advance Wars 1 and 2 for the GBA until late 2004 as a compilation, while individually NA got the first game in 2001 and the second in 2003. The first game was released in NA on 09/09/2001. Apparently they delayed the European and Japanese releases that would have shortly occurred after the NA release because of the September 11th attack. The Japanese release then ended up being cancelled. This lead to them never bothering to release the second game in Japan as well until the compilation in 2004. Additionally the game was first announced through Nintendo France who had given screenshots of the game out to gaming websites under the title Advance Wars.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike was apparently press released first as Advance Wars: DS in 2004, though it doesn't indicate if the Japanese didn't have specific name for it until March 2005 when the release dates were announced. The Japanese did get this game first though, a few months before the NA release.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (or Advance Wars: Dark Conflict in Europe and Australia) was first released in NA, then Europe, and finally Australia. Apparently the Japanese version got delayed repeatedly and then was finally cancelled. So the Japanese never actually got this game.