Tag Alias: hands_together -> hands_clasped

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guys, i'm a little lost too. i can't really see the difference or probably there's too much pollution already. imho, i think it's better to alias the two terms but in opposite direction:

create alias hands_clasped -> hands_together

it sounds more general (though i'm fine either way). in case we really want to differentiate where the fingers are in upright position, someone already used palms_together. in other cases, there's hands_on_own_chest, praying, clapping, etc.

however, i wonder if this has gross effect on aliases (clasped_hands, locked_fingers) and implication (gendou_pose) of hands_clasped. do we need to undo them first and point them all to hands_together instead?

if that's the case then:
remove alias clasped_hands -> hands_clasped
remove alias locked_fingers -> hands_clasped
remove implication gendou_pose -> hands_clasped

create alias hands_clasped -> hands_together
create alias clasped_hands -> hands_together
create alias locked_fingers -> hands_together
create implication gendou_pose -> hands_together