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Voting own comments

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Yesterday I've tried to vote up my own comment (out of sheer curiosity) and it actually worked.

Is this an intended behaviour? If so, that's pretty lame, IMO (it's just unfair). Personally, I think it would be nice to be able to see a current score for each comment, as well as be unable to vote own comments. Speaking of which, Soljashy once mentioned that we're getting a youtube-style comment rating system. Is this a planned feature for Danbooru 2?

That aside, would someone be so kind to return my first comment at post #1126892 ("lordoflord! DRAW EVERYTHING!") back to the threshold oblivion by downvoting it once (IIRC, it was scored -1)? Thanks in advance.

Updated by Arrei

Well, okay then. But nonetheless, ability to vote own comments looks like a bug to me.

And my question regarding possible comment rating system update remains unanswered. If someone does know anything about that, any related info would be much appreciated.

Log said:
Doesn't matter, if a comment is truly terrible more than one person will downvote it and you can only upvote your own comment once.

You can endlessly delete and repost your downvoted comment, though.

Sure, but you'll attract the ire of the mods if you're doing that for a stupid comment.

The only way to really "fix" that is to stick a hard cap on the number of comments that can be made, non-bump comments included, and that'd be punishing every member for the actions of a troll or two.

By the way, editing a comment you posted without bumping continues to end up bumping it, thought I'd mention.