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This is the translation request thread.


1.) The standard rules for any request on Danbooru applies, no one is obligated to respond to any requests or act upon them.

2.) Do not post more than one link at a time. If it is a pool, only post the first post of a pool and state how long the pool is. And how big each page is and how much text there is. This is work for you, but the more work you put into a request, the more likely it is to be picked up.

3.) When requesting, try to avoid to post works here that have yet to be approved or are relatively new, such as a week or two old, since it is likely that it was already seen by a translator and may be worked on later.

4.) Don't cause problems if your request isn't answered, that helps no one.

5.) Be sure to list if it is SFW or NSFW. Be aware that many translators do not like translation pornographic works since most are repetitive in content and boring to translate.

6.) List the copyright, such as touhou, pokemon, original. If you can, list the artist The more information you can give for a potential translator, the more likely they will respond to it.

7.) Do not attempt to translate something yourself if your grasp of either Japanese or English is not good, this creates more work for translators and this only hurts the chances of a work being translated.

8.) Again, do not just dump links. If you don't put the work into making the request, the translator won't bother to click the link. You can add multiple links if you put the required amount of detail into each one, but be aware of the law of diminishing returns.

9.) If a work is translated, edit your post and add which works were translated.

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Anelaid said:
Well since this ended up becoming a translation request thread, does anyone want to discuss this otherwise I will change the first post.

Whoops. I honestly thought you were implying 'let's give the idea a try here'.

It certainly sounds like it could be useful, both for those looking to have something translated, and for those looking for things worthy of being translated. And though it certainly would have it's share of noise, I suspect it would be more civil than the deletion appeal thread, as there wouldn't be the same level of butthurt involved.

It's worth a try at the very least, as I don't see how it could be worse than the current situation. In the worst case, the thread could be locked if it gets out of control.

Just an aside - source request has very similar problems as well. Perhaps if this thread here works out, the same idea could be tried for images that need to be identified.

I think pool #1599 could use translation. Yukari's Chrysalis by Minato Hitori, it looks like a pretty zany humorous piece of work but the translators stopped working on it months ago after a handful of pages.

Edit: Looks like it's been completed at last! Thanks for the work, translators!


0xCCBA696 said:
This could probably do more good stickied, I think.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we should have an important threads sticky linking the various appeal/request/help/alias threads it's even more necessary now that there are like a dozen of them.

That may actually be a better solution than having 10 sticked threads and pushing everything off the front page, even if it does mean an extra click to get somewhere. That would allow the various important threads to float where they will, but still always remain available.

This is the early morning in the US and already the oldest comment on the first page of comments is 9 minutes old, unless you sit around and watch comments 24/7 or you just happen to translation bump the very moment before a translator checks the comment page translation bumps are pretty worthless.

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