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Chinese text

Context: The post suggests that this is artwork commission for a game more specifically a Chinese mmorpg. I am interested as to what it truly means and hope I might get a chance to learn more about this.

Edit: Thank you @Skarow for the translation. Though thanks for telling me that the translation needs checking.

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The artist is Cheken.
Rating:Sensitive (But there's mostly nothing particularly sexual outside of some cleavage tight clothes and almost an upskirt/upper thigh shots)
It's all Japanese and lots of Kanji.

There are 11 pages in total, but the first two pages have already been translated.
Page 3 onwards are majority untranslated.
I don't know if I'd actually call it text heavy, but there is a lot of kanji that I don't know, only thing I can translate with complete confidence is Katakana and Hiragana.
I'm nowhere near familiar enough to translate it, so I'd like to ask for some help if possible.
It's a Touhou Doujin, a shipping one involving Rinnosuke, Maribel and Yukari mainly.
Ran and Renko are also there a bit.

It's not HifuuRin in case anyone knows that.

Freshblink said:

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In cases like this, I translated it to Anpan which is a word I think a lot of people would get. But should I translate it literally to sweet roll.

I think a literal translation would be more like "red bean paste bread" :P But since the tag is called anpan, I think it's safe to use that as the translation.

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