Rename nobiiru_arm tag?

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When looking for another arm-related tag tonight, I stumbled onto the "nobiiru_arm" tag. Though it has no wiki entry, from looking at the pictures, I guess that it has to do with extendable, mechanical arms. Indeed, the Japanese verb "nobiru" means to extend, grow, or stretch.

However, I have no idea why the tag uses "nobiiru" instead of "nobiru," why the tag mixes English and Japanese words, or why such a common enough idea has a Japanese component to its name at all. Is this some kind of pop-culture reference that I'm missing?

If not, might I suggest we rename it? I'm not sure what word would cover mechanical stretchy arms (and not rubbery ones like Luffy from One Piece), but I don't think that [mangled Japanese]_[English] is a good format for the existing tag.

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  • NWF_Renim said:
    There are some images like post #131779 and post #543386 where it's too simple imo to be called a robot or robotic arm. It's an extendable arm, but I doubt anyone would call them robotic.

    I agree. That's why I think the tag is useful/salvageable, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a better name.

    Unless we decide not to make it a general tag but a Touhou-only tag. I have seen tags for certain moves unique to a series, like the starlight_breaker tag for Nanoha. I'd like it to be an all-series tag.

    I second the nomination for extending_arm.

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  • Somehow this tag wound up implicating robotic_arm, which should be de-implicated. As NWF_Renim said, her mechanical_arms are sometimes drawn as simple extending arms like in post #937929, not to mention that it's originally just a spell card, so it can be interpreted in other ways as well. (post #1055111)

    As far as it's name, I see nothing wrong with extending_arm. It might be worthwhile to have two tags, though. One for the simple mechanism in post #937929 and one specifically for references to Nitori's spell card, which could be called kappa_"extending_arm" or extending_arm_(spell_card) if there's an issue with using quotations.

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