Tag Implications: half_rim_glasses and subclasses

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There any thoughts on the idea of changing / aliasing half rim glasses to semi-rimless glasses?

The latter feels more natural to me, and is technically more applicable since many semi-rimless designs aren't exactly half frame (yes I know "semi" was originally "half" in Latin, but it more often means "partially" in English).

I was gardening a little bit in here a day or two ago and took a little while to find the tag we were using for this.

According to Google, "semi-rimless glasses" returns 1.68 million results, "half rim glasses" or "half rimless glasses" returns 163 thousand or 168 thousand results respectively. That would suggest it's about an order of magnitude more popular in usage.

I am in favor of the implications, but the currerent tags listed in the wiki are over-rims and under-rims. These should probably be changed. Also we should decide on hyphen vs space.


Would the following work?

create alias semi_rimless_glasses -> semi-rimless_glasses
create alias half_rim_glasses -> semi-rimless_glasses
create alias half-rim_glasses -> semi-rimless_glasses

create alias under_rim_glasses -> under-rim_glasses
create alias over_rim_glasses -> over-rim_glasses

create implication under-rim_glasses -> semi-rimless_glasses
create implication over-rim_glasses -> semi-rimless_glasses
create implication semi-rimless_glasses -> glasses

Haven't done any yet.