Limiting subjective (hot/perfect/beautiful) pools.

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ghostrigger said:

As with most things, there is a limit to that kind of thing.

The thing there is that those body part pools were actually excusable, in that they were pools for the well-shaped examples of those body parts like breasts and ass. Perfect Neck and Perfect Waist on the other hand are just any neck and waist that look like a neck and waist, Face is entirely subjective with the vast amount of variation faces are subject to, and similarly so for the other new ones, "Perfect Harem" is a particularly egregious offender. "Perfect Pussy" on the other hand I had not known existed and may fall under this defense.


Kikimaru said:
Agreed with Arrei.



Everything else

My feelings as well. Though, personally, I love Beautiful Tails (pool #2399) as anyone who loads up my profile could tell. It hasn't been hit with quite the bane of the others yet, either. I suppose my vote would be more for keeping pools that specifically involve grouping artwork that's more detailed, rather than ones that just shove together everything of a certain shape.

Kikimaru said:
Could "Badass" be changed from a pool (152 pages) to a tag?

Tags are supposed to be quantifiable (relating to a specific object, color, or size such has hair length), while pools deal with things that are more opinions.

I really expected more opposition when I created this thread, but those guys haven't posted here yet.

MyrMindservant said:
Perfect Ass [...] Beautiful Tails

There is also pool #1480 - Tail and Ass, which has been discussed in the "pointless pools" thread once. It's the discussion which led to the "dat ass" pool being renamed "perfect ass". You can read the discussion here.

pool #3574 - Expert Shading
I feel that this one has potential, but is limited by the word "expert" in the title. The images primarily use realistic lighting (and shadows) to create depth.

ghostrigger said:
as a normal user (with a normal monitor and browser window not set to maximum space) i find it hard (maybe not really but somewhat annoying) to view a post with a pile of grey bars on top that i still need to scroll down the mouse. there's a particular post that the grey bars are so thick + ads that they occupy my screen and i don't even see the image itself upon loading without scrolling. and further even if i need to edit that post. just my sentiments.

It has less to do with cluttering screen than stacking pools being absurd in the first place.
Plus the huge majority of users abusing pools being members, notably because pools are a workaround to the 2 tags limit, and a workaround to a general lack of knowledge (cheat sheet, tag groups, etc.). So they would normally be the first users to complain about clutter.


Hillside_Moose said:
I would keep the hair and eyes pools, simply because we don't tag hair and eyes themselves, as well as the feet pool, as Apollyon mentioned.

My thoughts exactly.

Cyberia-Mix said:
because pools are a workaround to the 2 tags limit, and a workaround to a general lack of knowledge

The pools are indeed quite useful for finding something specifically themed,or simply having the ability to use that second tag for something else.

However,the majority of the more subjective pools out there,like the Beautiful,Perfect or Hot X are essentially useless when titled as such because everyone is just adding what they feel would fall under the category (which is one of the points of pools,but I digress).

Renaming the kept pools to something a bit less subjective,such as 'Well Drawn X', 'Higher Detail X', Different Types of X (or just 'X' alone).
An example of one already in use is Curvy bellies.

Using the [tag] order:score method would be ideal for single tags,as opposed to the 'pool method',for narrowing themes.

ghostrigger said: jxh2154 said (1 year ago)
jxh2154 said (1 year ago)
jxh2154 said (1 year ago)

Yes, jxh indeed said, though he's not a big fan of how the pools have proliferated. The list MyrMindservant shows it's gotten pretty out of hand.

As far as body part pools go, I'd be inclined to kill everything outside of feet, hands, legs and breasts myself. Eyes and hair could stay too I guess. But beyond that I think it's just excessive.

And renaming them to something more neutral ("Well-drawn [x]" was a good suggestion) is a proposal I'd support.

jxh2154 said:
As far as body part pools go, I'd be inclined to kill everything outside of feet, hands, legs and breasts myself. Eyes and hair could stay too I guess. But beyond that I think it's just excessive.

This sounds good to me, but if we are going to leave the Breasts pool it would be wrong to not keep Perfect Ass as well.

And I may be biased, but I would also like to see the Beautiful Tails pool remain.

I'll group all the mentioned pools into 3 groups similar to what Kikimaru did:

  • pools nearly everyone wants to keep
  • pools some want to keep, some want deleted or which were simply not discussed
  • everything else (pools to delete, nobody objected here)

I intentionally put more pools in the "undecided" category instead of the "delete" category because, after rereading the thread, I think they need more discussion. (Actually, the only thing everyone agrees on is to keep hands and feet)

pool #109: Perfect Feet
pool #73: Perfect Hands
pool #1677: Perfect Breasts
pool #2032: Beautiful Eyes
pool #782: Beautiful Hair

pool #1214: Perfect Ass
pool #1168: Hot Legs
pool #2399: Beautiful Tails
pool #3032: Beautiful Smile
pool #1480: Tail and Ass
pool #3719: Stoic Beauty
pool #4339: Serious Beauty
pool #5075: Perfect Arms - EDIT 2012-02-21

pool #4425: Hot Bride - DEL
pool #4280: Hot Cop - DEL
pool #4279: Hot Cowgirl - DEL
pool #4277: Hot Doctor - DEL
pool #4242: Hot Maid - DEL
pool #4237: Hot Nurse - DEL
pool #4236: Hot Teacher - DEL
pool #4175: Hot Waitress - DEL
pool #4155: Perfect Pussy
pool #4399: Perfect Neck
pool #4305: Perfect Waist
pool #2818: Perfect Kissing
pool #4241: Beautiful Face
pool #2197: Beautiful Agony
pool #4276: Beautiful Sadness
pool #4424: Beautiful Anger
pool #4470: Beautiful Dark Smile

I believe that, if we omitted the "beauty" part of Stoic Beauty and Serious Beauty, they could be perfectly fine tags. On the other hand, smile apparently wasn't enough, since someone created the "Beautiful Smile" pool. Oh, we actually do have a serious tag...
Edit: And we have an expressionless tag as well.


I'd say Perfect Ass should be retained, particularly since there seem to be relatively few quality renditions of that specific body part. The "ass" tag isn't very specific, so you wind up finding both very flat asses (post #1060862) or very curvy asses (post #85000). This isn't as useful as the multiple breast size tags, just as an example.

Hot Legs should also stay for the same reason. Legs are generally under tagged despite there being many instances of well-drawn or attractively presented legs.


regarding those we want to keep, i guess we could consider jxh2154's suggestion about renaming "Perfect/Beautiful x" pools into something more neutral and less subjective like "Well-drawn x" or something to that effect.

As I've already said if we are keeping Perfect Breasts pool, we should certainly keep Perfect Ass as well. The Hot Legs is fairly similar to these two and should be treated in the same manner IMO, it just needs renaming I guess.

I would also like "Beautiful Tails" and "Tail and Ass" to stay here. Tails can be drawn quite differently, from greatly detailed ones to simple plain appendages. They can be also depicted as either just one minor element of the image or its focus. And sorting images by score won't readily help us to find posts where they get more attention.

I'd like to propose an "Exquisite Anatomy" pool as a refugee camp for the posts of the soon-to-be-deleted pools. I think the issue is that people want a way to recognize posts that depict some anatomic feature unusually well, eg post #845572. This way we can have a catch-all pool for anatomy that doesn't fit into Feet, Hands, Breasts, Hair, or Eyes.


If we're talking about saving candidates for deletion here, then I'm going to have to pitch in a vote for "Beautiful Agony". It's a perfectly valid concept for a pool, with no relation to the other existing "beautiful/hot" pools. It's actually named for a website focusing on the same concept.

Perfect Pussy also has some merit. Since depictions of this orifice are so common on this website, there's a considerable supply and demand for well-drawn examples. In its current state, though, it probably needs some more moderation.

There's also a new pool to take into consideration: pool #4796, Perfect Penises. I'll refrain from voicing my opinion this one, since I'm a bit biased.

feline_lump said:
"Beautiful Agony"

Perfectly valid as the concept may be, there simply aren't that many posts that fit its description that wouldn't be just as well covered by the orgasm tag. Honestly, to me, post #747470 is the only post in that pool that looks like it's worthy of being in it.

feline_lump said:
"Perfect Pussy"

Sorry, but this is the pool that needs to go the most. It's a prime example of a favorites-pool, one that's made particularly worse because of it's subject matter. I think it's a fair assumption that most people on Danbooru like pussies. Because of this fact, when judging whether or not a pussy is sufficiently perfect, people will be inevitably biased by how arousing they find it. post #1004446 seems like a good example: the featured pussy doesn't seem particularly realistic or noteworthy to me, but I'm sure whoever added it just found it so hot they had to add it.

I think if we had a catch-all Exquisite Anatomy pool, this problem would be lessened a bit, first since pussies aren't its primary purview, and second since it's clear from the name that the pool is about anatomic perfection, not "wow that's so hot"

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