Upload Feedback Thread - post here if your uploads keep getting deleted

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Toni.Cipriani16 said:

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This an English translation to a comic that has been uploaded here, a fan translation but a translation nonetheless.

Posting hard-translated comics is highly discouraged, as written in the wiki. Instead, the translation should be applied with notes to the original image so it can be checked and edited as needed.

jxh2154 said:

People have been asking for a thread where feedback on uploads could be obtained. So here it is. I have some reservations about how acrimonious this thread is likely to get, and if it turns into nothing more than a flame-fest, I will lock it.

Rules for those requesting feedback:
#1 - You are not guaranteed feedback. It is entirely voluntary to give it.
#2 - Danbooru may simply not be an appropriate place for your favorite art. If so, accept this and move on.
#3 - Try not to be too thin-skinned,and don't take things personally.

Rules for those giving feedback:
#1 - Give constructive feedback only.
#2 - Refrain from name-calling. Asking people to be thick-skinned doesn't mean you're allowed to be insulting.

So basically almost nothing can be upload then why this page exist? I only look for it becuase IA use this data base for that and data is very few compare to other pages that are the same with better content