Is there a tag for this type of weapon?

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I noticed that there wasn't a tag for this type of hula hoop-like blade that Tira is known for using, although Mouri Motonari also uses it. In fact I was looking for this type of tag while doing some Sengoku Basara uploading.

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They're the only characters I know of who use this weapon, but if there isn't a tag, I'd +1 the creation of a ring blade tag, and of course the weapon implication.

I also think this is different from chakram because those are smaller and tend to be wielded in both hands, whereas this is a single, full body sized weapon.

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I would not consider size a good divider between "ring blade" and "chakram" designations due to the fact that it isn't that uncommon to enlarge smaller weapons to large sizes to make them more impressive and give a character a unique weapon/appearance.

I think a general "ring_weapon" tag would be useful to lump these similar shaped weapons together.