India vs Indian?

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It could potentially work as the adjective meaning "traditionally Indian-styled", say onion domed architecture and Hindi statuettes, though that's probably quite a stretch for Danbooru's purposes.

Any language would definately not be "Indian" though. India is very linguistically diverse and actually has 22 official languages, each with their own names, scripts, and backgrounds; Hindi is only one of them.

The script specifically used to write Hindi is called Devanagari. It's used for other Indian languages the same way Cyrillic is used for multiple Slavic languages besides Russian, so if someone wants to tag an image for the presence of Indian symbols then Devanagari might make more sense as a tag, even if it's a bit obscure.

On the other hand though, what is the likelihood that someone would be able to identify the language written in a script one doesn't know? It'd be the same as trying to separate Arabic from Persian (both are written in Arabic script, but the languages aren't related).