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bumping. what exactly makes a picture different from photo_(object)?

i scanned the images and they look pretty the same. if the 'picture' is framed and hanged on the wall then it's a picture? if the 'picture' was printed out of a developed film without a frame but tacked on a cockboard or a wall; or inside a photo frame on top of a desk then it's a photo_(object)?

i find this a bit confusing. shouldn't we just use a hanged_picture/photo for those 'pictures' hanged on the wall? the plain tag picture doesn't tell anything if it's hanged on the wall or not. besides, we have a tag taking_picture/s.

and how exactly we know that the one hanged on the wall is indeed a 'picture' and not a finished and framed painting_(object) instead?


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  • The picture tag is a real mess with everything from photos spread on ground to actual photos showing the inside of a style manual.
    Most posts how ever has some undefined things hanging on walls, often framed.

    Posts with painting_(object) often shows paint or brushes in the image that lead us to believe that they are paintings and not photos or digitally created pictures.

    Both tags need to be cleared up IF we can agree on a definition of picture.

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