Uploading files with large filesize

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This was somewhat brought up in http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/34417 / http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/39807 / http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/40229 / http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/38283 / http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/59090 .

The threads above seemed to either say:

  • Always upload the orginal.
  • Convert if the image is too big to save bandwidth/space. (post #510341 being a big example)

Both seem to be valid options, yet there doesn't seem be anything that says either of them "should" be done, so..
Should files be converted before uploading if their filesize is too big, or should the original be posted regardless of the size?

Mainly asking this since I've noticed a few people uploading smaller JPG versions of images from imageboards, even when the original PNG version exists.

post #1118787 (3500x4286|3.7MB) is JPGversion of this .
The original has bigger resolution and filesize. (4926x6032|22MB)


oh one of my uploads.

Well, I rather limited myself with how large my uploads should be- about 20MB per upload- I also personally don't know that there was no such thing as a filesize limit in uploading... until now.

In cases where my self-imposed limit is reached, I doublecheck if the imageboard version is at least the same visual quality as the PNG and then upload the board version- if anyone dares to upload the PNG, then be my guest.

Downsizing picture resolution is almost always bad idea.
Compressing absurdsized pngs to jpgs is ok - as long as you use lowest compression possible and you really know what you're doing. Using "maximum quality" settings in software of your choice might be not enough, as some software simply does not allow you to do so (arbitrally omitting them as "not efficient enough to be of any use for regular JPEG").
My favourite example for that is how it's done in photoshop. Saving as jpg we choose quality as "maximum" and we can see it's auto set to 10 so here we go, right?
...except real maximum quality is 12, and if we want it we have to enter this number manually (or set the file slider to the maximum). This - oh how "intuitive" - GUI is responsible for countless of jpeg artifacts in countless of works done by unsuspecting artists who often wanted to save they works in best, maximum jpg quality - and they never knew how far they were from that... by choosing "maximum quality" option suggested by the software.

post #1118787 (3500x4286|3.7MB) is JPGversion of this .
The original has bigger resolution and filesize. (4926x6032|22MB)

In such case I'm for recoding the orignal resolution (4926x6032) 22 MB PNG to jpg with highest possible quality settings. Using aforementioned photoshop at quality settings 12 I got this file reduced to 7,7MB JPG with close to zero data loss.

From my experiences, filesizes larger than 10mb can't be uploaded to Danbooru via from computer. Like z9, if an image on yande.re has both jpg and png formats, I always upload the jpg unless the jpg has a lower resolution or lower visible quality to go with it.

From what I've seen, jpg compression on yande.re is pretty good, and what artifacts you do get are from the scanner rather than the compression (I once uploaded a yuuki hagure image as a jpeg and saw a buttload of artifacts, then uploaded the png as a parent, only to find the same buttload of artifacts).

Also I think, just as important as it is to upload the highest visible quality version of an image, it's also important to perform maintenance on images if necessary, such as the use of the spot healing brush tool and noise reduction filter, and leveling the image if applicable.

From personal preference, I wouldn't upload a slightly larger version and parent it to the first image because it makes the image searching process convoluted. No one likes to look for an image and find anywhere from 2 to 9 different versions of an image with varying image quality, file size, image resolution, etc etc... If the quality is very visibly improved though, I would upload an image as a parent.

CodeKyuubi said:
From my experiences, filesizes larger than 10mb can't be uploaded to Danbooru via from computer.

Same issue here, been having to upload elsewhere then upload to danbooru to bypass it (Since uploading from yande.re doesn't seem to work..).

Concerning uploading the JPG over the PNG..
Unless space is a major issue, I would say the original image should always be uploaded. This keeps the original MD5 which can be extremely useful for certain things. Only in extreme cases should they be converted, and if they are, some kind of tag like converted would be useful, aswell as a comment pointing to the original.