Plural to Singular alias request thread

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Per forum #14299, we have decided to standardize the majority of (primarily noun) tags on the singular form, except where plural is the natural or more common form (panties, eyes, spoilers).

Purposes of the thread:
- To note existing singular -> plural aliases that need to be reversed.

- To propose new singular -> plural aliases that should be added.

Some basic rules:
- This is not a discussion thread, at least as I'm envisioning it now.
  a. If you feel a tag needs discussion, don't add it here, create a separate thread.
  b. If I feel a tag needs discussion, I'll note this and create a separate thread or ask the proposer to do so.
  c. If I or albert approve something you disagree with, create a separate thread.

- Generally, try to stick to tags with 30+ posts. Tag script edits are mostly sufficient for smaller, older, less frequently used tags.

- When proposing aliases, point out associated implications if known. This isn't for proposing new implications, just fixing existing ones.

Format of requests:
- For reversals of existing aliases/implications, note the current alias and what it should change to, e.g. "Alias: gun > guns; Change to: guns > gun" or "Implication: sunflowers > flowers; Change to: sunflower > flower"

- For new requests, simply post "Alias: x > y"

I think these rules should make sense. I just don't want this thread to get filled with three page discussions on one controversial tag. It should be fairly straightforward. The request then the approval, or the request then the denial, with debate on the matter happening in a specific separate thread.

The Bulk update request #1121 has failed: Error: Antecedent name has already been taken (create alias drawstrings -> drawstring)

The bulk update request #1121 has been rejected.

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It should be aliased one way or another since both tags are in fairly frequent use. I think it's kinda weird to have a picture like post #405474 tagged with hands, since the picture only really focuses on one hand (disregarding the potential of an image with only one hand in it, amputee or chopped of hand or whatever).

I guess if we have feet, we should also have hands though, so you may have a point.

Er, weird, there are requests from a month ago that I swear I never saw in this thread before now... Maybe I didn't notice this thread bolded because reading other posts marks everything read.

At any rate, did everything from crystals on, except socks and shoes which usually fall under natural pairs I think.

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