Tag change: canvas -> canvas_~sepia_iro_no_motif~

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Aristocrat said:

But then do you mean Cross ~Kyouki e no Michi Shirube~ or Cross ~Koi no Yousha~?

Aristocrat said:
Subtitles tend to be long and not well-known enough for people to search for them.

So what if the full title is long? I say we should use the full title. (cf. oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!!, downtown no gaki no tsukai ya arahende!!, ano hi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi wa mada shiranai, and of course, daisuki na sensei ni h na onedari shichau omase na boku no/watashi no puni puni) And as for being "not well known": VNs are somewhat niche and someone who is searching for a specific one would probably know the full title. If they don't then they are likely to search "cross" by itself and we could make a note in the cross wiki like "this tag is for the crucifix type of cross. see also Cross ~Kyouki e no Michi Shirube~.

Aristocrat said:
(including punctuation as-is would lead to silly tags like -clannad- and whatnot that's literally impossible to search for).

Nobody's arguing for changing clannad to -clannad-, so drop the strawman. There is a legit tagging problem for titles where the subtitle is enclosed in hyphens, but for now let's focus on the tilde'd ones.


There are maybe 10-15 visual novels we have retained subtitles on. Even still the stupid tilde junk has been historically dropped for a single colon. If there is absolutely disambiguation we have made a few exceptions.

canvas (object) should not be canvas (object) but painting canvas or something as we are not tagging the cloth but the cloth + frame so that should not be an issue when discussing this tag.

Subtitles are dropped because they're dumb, typically obscure, make it harder to find actual tags, and almost always disposable. The tag is not Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

If a subtitle disambiguates one game from another we can keep it but unless the title in question has a significant change (ie pia carrot if it didn't have numbered variations in the titles already) I would honestly suggest dropping it because the benefits are super minimal at best.