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Real assault rifles:

Implicate m16 -> assault rifle
m4_carbine -> assault rifle
ak-74 -> assault rifle
ak-47 -> assault rifle
steyr aug -> assault rifle
stg44 -> assault rifle
fn f2000 -> assault rifle
aks-74u -> assault rifle (Note: This is listed as a "short assault rifle" but its often called a sub-machine gun as well. I'm not sure if this definition is in error).
howa type 89 -> assault rifle
imi galil -> assault rifle
g36 -> assault rifle
an-94 -> assault rifle
famas -> assault rifle
fn fnc -> assault rifle
bushmaster acr -> assault rifle
tar 21 -> assault rifle
qbz-95 -> assault rifle
as val -> assault rifle
ak-102 -> assault rifle
ak-107 -> assault rifle
sig 550 -> assault rifle
sig 551 -> assault rifle
l85 -> assault rifle

Real battle rifles:

implicate m14 -> battle rifle
fn fal -> battle rifle
g3 -> battle rifle
fg42 -> battle rifle
howa type 64 -> battle rifle
ar 10 -> battle_rifle
m1 garand -> battle rifle

Fictional assault rifles:

implicate ma5 -> assault rifle

Fictional battle rifles:

implicate br55 -> battle rifle

Reason: All of these weapons are assault rifles or battle rifles.

implicate battle rifle -> rifle

Reason: The battle rifle is a type of rifle and it is consistent since assault rifle implicates rifle.

Real Grenade Launchers:

implicate denel paw-20 -> grenade_launcher

Reason: Its a type of grenade launcher.

Real Rocket Launchers:

implicate fim-92 stinger -> rocket launcher
strela-2 -> rocket launcher
at4 -> rocket launcher

Reason: These are all rocket launchers.

Fictional rocket launchers:

implicate m19 -> multishot rocket launcher

Reason: I will list this as a multishot rocket launcher since it has a magazine size of two and two barrels. Also its from Halo.

Real handguns: (Note: implicate all to handgun and pistol)

implicate m1911 -> handgun
desert eagle -> handgun
beretta 92 -> handgun
beretta 93r -> handgun
beretta model 70 -> handgun
beretta px4 -> handgun
five_seven_(gun)-> [[handgun (NOTE: can you move and alias five_seven_(gun) -> [[fn_five_seven)
tokarev tt-33 -> handgun (NOTE: Can you alias tt-33 -> tokarev tt-33)
pm makarov -> handgun
browning high-power -> handgun
luger p08 -> handgun
mauser c96 -> handgun
derringer -> handgun
springfield xd -> handgun
glock -> handgun
vp70 -> handgun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k vp70).
usp tactical -> handgun
cz-75 -> handgun
jericho_(pistol)-> [[handgun (NOTE: move and alias to IMI Jericho)
walther p99 -> handgun
walther p5 -> handgun
walther p38 -> handgun
walther PPK -> handgun
p9s -> handgun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k p9s)

Reason: These are all handguns.

Real revolvers (Note: Implicate all to handgun):

implicate S&W 500 -> revolver
webley -> revolver
Colt single action army -> revolver (NOTE: move and alias to colt saa as this is the common shortening.

Reason: These are all revolvers.

Real sniper rifles:

implicate psg-1 -> sniper rifle
ai_arctic_warfare -> sniper_rifle and bolt_action
dragunov SVD -> sniper rifle
l96 -> sniper rifle
m24 -> sniper rifle
VSS Vintorez -> sniper rifle
cheytac m200 -> sniper rifle (Note: move and alias to cheytac intervention as this is the common name.
m-21 -> sniper rifle
walther wa-2000 -> sniper rifle

Reason: These are all sniper rifles.

Real anti-material rifles:
implicate barret -> anti-material rifle
m107 -> anti-material rifle
m82a1 -> anti-material rifle
ptrd-41 -> anti-material rifle

Reason: These are all anti-material rifles.

Real shotguns:

aa-12 -> shotgun
Winchester Model 1897 -> shotgun (NOTE: alias trench gun to this weapon since that is its shorter nickname).
Mossberg 500 -> shotgun
spas-12 -> shotgun
sawed-off shotgun -> shotgun

Reason: These are all shotguns.

Fictional anti-material rifles:

srs99 -> anti-material rifle

Reason: Halo anti-material rifle.

Real submachine guns:

implicate beretta m12 -> submachine gun
mp5 -> submachine gun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k mp5)
mp5k -> submachine gun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k mp5k)
mp7 -> submachine gun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k mp7)
steyr tmp -> submachine gun
mac-10 -> submachine gun
magpul pdr -> submachine gun
ump -> submachine gun (NOTE: move and alias to h&k ump)
pp-19 bizon -> submachine gun
ppsh-41 -> submachine gun
tdi_vector -> submachine gun
tommy_gun -> submachine gun
uzi -> submachine gun (NOTE: To keep it consistent with other guns, could it be moved and aliased to imi uzi)?
magpul fmg 9 -> submachine gun
type_100 -> submachine gun
mp40 -> submachine gun
sterling smg -> submachine gun
calico smg -> submachine gun
skorpion vz. 61 -> submachine gun
m3 submachine gun -> submachine gun (NOTE: move and alias to m3 greasegun since that is its common used name).

reason: These are all submachine guns

Fictional submachine guns:

m7 -> submachine gun

Reason: Halo submachine gun.

Bolt action rifles:

implicate arisaka -> bolt action
mosin-nagant -> bolt action
l96 -> bolt action
mauser 98 -> bolt action
cheytac m200 -> bolt action

Reason: These are all bolt actions.

Tag implication idea:


Reason: This is a distinctive configuration that has the magazine at the back, rather than the front, of the weapon.

List of bullpup weapons:

steyr aug
tar 21
calico smg
fn f2000
magpul pdr
walther wa-2000

Implicate these all to bullpup.

The reason I don't like bullpup rifle is that not all bullpup designs are rifles.

This is a lot, but I’m going to tackle other things at a different time.

Note: I request move and alias for some since some have rather lengthy descriptions that I don't want to lose with an alias.

implicate m392_marksman -> battle rifle and bullpup
ma5 -> bullpup
br55 -> bullpup
m6 -> handgun

alias missile launcher -> rocket launcher

reason: Both refer to the same thing and the latter is more widely used.


Be careful around the pistol tag, it's still broken.

Anelaid said:
aks-74u -> assault rifle (Note: This is listed as a "short assault rifle" but its often called a sub-machine gun as well. I'm not sure if this definition is in error).

It's not an error, fixed it a while ago. By the very definition of the SMG, you can't have one that chambers an intermediate rifle cartridge. While you can make an SMG out of an assault rifle by re-chambering it for a pistol round, you can't do it just by cutting down the barrel.

El_Jagermeister said:
You might want to remove Mossberg 500 from your bullpup list. Other than that, looks good.

Whoops, I was looking through bullpup weapons and it came up. I thought it was weird, but it turns out it that was a variant.

Thanks for catching it.

implicate m392_marksman -> battle rifle and bullpup
ma5 -> bullpup
br55 -> bullpup
m6 -> handgun

alias missile launcher -> rocket launcher

reason: Both refer to the same thing and the latter is more widely used.


It could take me days to submit these all at the rate things are going with the manual alias/implication submissions. Can you get a finalized list edited into the first post (or confirm if it already is)? Then I'll ask albert if he has a more convenient way to do this on the back-end in one go.

albert said:
I have to say I'm a little skeptical of creating these. Are we creating an implication for every gun in existence? Most of these only have 1-2 posts.

A lot of these weren't properly tagged when I went through them. The idea being that certain tags, especially anti-material rifle, bullpup, and bolt action are under-tagged, along with most of the weapon tags. I'd say that since these weapons are clearly part of this category, it makes sense to me, at least, to implicate them since it requires less work for taggers.

And it fits within how weapon implications were done previously, so there is precedent, I'd imagine.

While a lot aren't terribly populated, its why I submitted all of them rather than at once.


For something of this scale, this is what I need from you: create a list with each implication/alias on a single line.

When you want to remove an existing alias or implication, write out: "remove alias aaa -> bbb" or "remove implication aaa -> bbb".

When you want to create a new alias, write out: "create alias aaa -> bbb".

When you want to create a new implication, write out: "create implication aaa -> bbb".

The goal is something I can search-and-replace to create a script.

I'd also like to say that albert's comment about putting things line by line in a consistent format is good practice even for much smaller lists, and even for things I'm doing manually. It's helpful for anything more than 3-4 aliases.

create implication m16 -> assault_rifle
create implication m4_carbine -> assault_rifle
create implication ak-74 -> assault_rifle
create implication ak-47 -> assault_rifle
create implication steyr_aug -> assault_rifle
create implication stg44 -> assault_rifle
create implication fn_f2000 -> assault_rifle
create implication aks-74u -> assault_rifle
create implication imi_galil -> assault_rifle
create implication g36 - -> assault_rifle
create implication an-94 -> assault_rifle
create implication famas -> assault_rifle
create implication fn_fnc -> assault rifle
create implication bushmaster_acr -> assault_rifle
create implication tar_21 -> assault_rifle
create implication qbz-95 -> assault_rifle
create implication as_val -> assault_rifle
create implication ak-102 -> assault_rifle
create implication ak-107 -> assault_rifle
create implication sig_550 -> assault_rifle
create implication sig_551 -> assault_rifle
create implication l85 -> -> assault_rifle
create implication m14 -> battle_rifle
create implicationfn_fal -> battle_rifle
create implication g3 -> battle_rifle
create implication fg42 -> battle_rifle
create implication howa_type_64 -> battle_rifle
create implication ar 10 -> battle_rifle
create implication m1_garand-> -> battle_rifle
create implication ma5 -> assault rifle
create implication br55 -> battle_rifle
create implication battle_rifle -> rifle
create implication denel_paw-20 -> grenade_launcher
create implication fim-92_stinger -> rocket_launcher
create implication strela-2 -> rocket_launcher
create implication at4 -> rocket_launcher
create Implication m19 -> multishot_rocket_launcher
create implication m1911 -> handgun
create implication desert eagle -> handgun
create implication beretta_92 -> handgun
create implication beretta_93r -> handgun
create implication beretta_model_70 -> handgun
create implication beretta_px4 -> handgun
create alias five_seven_(gun) -> fn_five_seven
create implication fn_five_seven -> handgun
create alias tt-33 -> tokarev_tt-33
create implication tokarev_tt-33 -> handgun
create implication pm_makarov -> handgun
create implication browning_high-power -> handgun
create implication luger_p08 -> handgun
create implication mauser_c96 -> handgun
create implication derringer -> handgun
create implication springfield_xd -> handgun
create implication glock -> handgun
create alias vp70 -> h&k_vp70
create implication h&k vp70 -> handgun
create implication usp tactical -> handgun
create implication cz-75 -> handgun
create alias jericho_(pistol) -> imi_jericho
create Implicationimi_jericho)-> handgun
create Implication walther_p99 -> handgun
create Implication walther_p5 -> handgun
create Implication walther_p38 -> handgun
create Implication walther_ppk -> handgun
create alias p9s -> h&k_p9s
create Implication h&k_p9s -> handgun
create Implication s&w_500 -> revolver
create implication s&w_500 -> handgun
create Implication webley -> revolver
create implication webley -> handgun
create alias colt_single_action army-> colt_saa
create Implication colt_saa -> revolver
create implication colt_saa -> handgun
create Implication psg-1 -> sniper_rifle
create Implication ai_arctic_warfare -> sniper_rifle
create Implication ai_arctic_warfare -> bolt_action
create implication dragunov_svd -> sniper_rifle
create implication l96 -> sniper_rifle
create implication m24 -> sniper_rifle
create implication vss_vintorez -> sniper_rifle
create alias cheytac_intervention -> cheytac_m200
create implication cheytac m200 -> sniper_rifle
create implication m-21 -> sniper_rifle
create implication walther_wa-2000 -> sniper_rifle
create implication barret -> anti-material_rifle
create implication m107 -> anti-material_rifle
create implication m82a1 -> anti-material_rifle
create implication ptrd-41 -> anti-material_rifle
create implication aa-12 -> shotgun
create implication Winchester Model 1897 -> shotgun
create implication mossberg_500 -> shotgun
create implication ithaca_stakeout -> shotgun
create implication spas-12 -> shotgun
create implication sawed-off_shotgun -> shotgun
create implication srs99 -> anti-material_rifle
create implication beretta_m12 -> submachine_gun
create implication h&k_mp5-> submachine_gun
create alias mp5-> h&k_mp5
create alias mp5k -> h&k_mp5k
create implication h&k_mp5k-> submachine_gun
create alias mp7 -> h&k_mp7
create implication h&k_mp7 -> submachine_gun
create implication steyr_tmp -> submachine_gun
create implicationmac-10 -> submachine_gun
create implication magpul pdr -> submachine_gun
create alias ump -> h&k_ump
create implication h&k_ump -> submachine_gun
create alias pp-19 -> pp-19_bizon
create alias bizon -> pp-19_bizon
create implication pp-19_bizon -> submachine_gun
create implication ppsh-41 -> submachine_gun
create implication tdi_vector -> submachine_gun
create implication tommy_gun -> submachine_gun
create alias uzi -> imi_uzi
create implication imi_uzi-> submachine_gun
create implication magpul_fmg-9 -> submachine_gun
create implication type_100 -> submachine_gun
create implication mp40 -> submachine_gun
create implication sterling_smg -> submachine_gun
create implication calico_smg -> submachine_gun
create implication skorpion_vz._61 -> submachine_gun
create alias m3_submachine_gun -> m3_greasegun
create implication m3_greasegun-> submachine_gun
create implication m7 -> submachine_gun
create implication arisaka -> bolt_action
create implication mosin-nagant -> bolt_action
create implication l96 -> bolt_action
create implication mauser_98 -> bolt_action
create implication cheytac_m200 -> bolt_action
create implication steyr_aug -> bullpup
create implication tar_21 -> bullpup
create implication p90 -> bullpup
create implication calico_smg -> bullpup
create implication qbz-95 -> bullpup
create implication fn_f2000 -> bullpup
create implication magpul_pdr -> bullpup
create implication famas -> bullpup
create implication walther_wa-2000 -> bullpup
create alias bullpup_rifle -> bullpup
create implication m392_marksman -> battle_rifle
create implication m392_marksman -> bullpup
create implication ma5 -> bullpup
create implication br55 -> bullpup
create implication m6 -> handgun
create alias missile_launcher -> rocket_launcher

I went through it. It turns out pp-19 bizon was also being used by an artist. I turned pp-19 bizon into a general tag and changed the artist tag into pp-19 bizon (pixiv)

I noticed some things, I have some fixes:

create implication barrett_m82 -> anti-materiel_rifle

remove implication barret -> anti-material_rifle

remove implication g3 -> battle_rifle

create alias g3 -> h&k_g3

create implication h&k_g3 -> battle_rifle

create implication g36c -> assault rifle

As it turns out, the list of weapons wiki lists barret, rather than barret_m82, as the tag.

post #729747 also has a weird glitch, anti-material_rifle shows up twice as a tag, I'm not sure whats the difference between the two.


Create implication m60 -> general_purpose_machine_gun
Create implication 1941_johnson_lmg -> light_machine_gun
Create implication mg34 -> general_purpose_machine_gun
Create implication mg42 -> general_purpose_machine_gun
Create implication general_purpose_machine_gun -> machine_gun
Create alias /gpmg -> general_purpose_machine_gun
Create implication light_machine_gun -> machine_gun
Create implication RPD -> light_machine_gun
Create implication qbb_95_lsw -> light_machine_gun
Create alias qbb_95 -> qbb_95_lsw
Create alias m294_saw -> m249
Create implication m249 -> light_machine_gun
Create implication 1918_bar -> light_machine_gun
Create implication m2_browning -> heavy_machine_gun
Create implication heavy_machine_gun -> machine_gun
Create implication lewis_automatic_machine_gun -> light_machine_gun
Create alias lewis_gun -> lewis_automatic_machine_gun
Create implication type_99 -> light_machine_gun
Create implication pkm -> general_purpose_machine_gun
Create implication type_11_lmg -> light_machine_gun
Create alias zb_26 -> zb_vz._26
Create implication zb_vz._26 -> light_machine_gun
Create alias gatling_gun -> rotary_cannon
Create implication gau-8 -> rotary_cannon
Create implication m167_vads -> rotary_cannon
Create implication m134_minigun -> rotary_cannon
Create alias chain_gun -> rotary_cannon
create implication machine_pistol -> submachine_gun


Create implication KV-1 -> tank
Create implication KV-2 -> tank
Create alias Leopard_2_(tank) -> leopard_2
Create implication leopard_2 -> tank
Reason: there is really no way that this can be ambiguous because of the 2.
Create implication M1_Abrams -> tank
Create implication M24_Chaffee -> tank
Create implication Merkava -> tank
Create alias Panther_(tank) -> Panzerkampfwagen_Panther
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_Panther -> tank
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_I -> tank
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_II -> tank
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_III -> tank
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_IV -> tank
Create alias Maus_(tank) -> Panzerkampfwagen_VIII_Maus
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_VIII_Maus -> tank
Create implication Panzerkampfwagen_38(t) -> tank
Create implication Sherman_(tank) -> m4_sherman
Create implication m4_sherman -> Sherman
Create implication t-34 -> tank
Create implication t-72 -> tank
Create implication t-90 -> tank
Create implication tank_mk_I -> tank
Create implication tiger_(tank) -> tank
Create implicationtype_74 -> tank
Create alias type_90_(tank) -> Type 90_Kyu-maru
Create implication type_90_kyu-maru -> tank
Create implication Type_95_ha-go -> tank
Create alias type_97_Chi Ha -> type_97_chi-ha
Create implication type_97_chi-ha -> tank

Bumping and adding additional implications and alias


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