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Okay. I have not been active on this site other than general browsing in over a year so, if this has been brought up I apologize.

Can we just have a general tag for clitoral stimulation already? We have a mess of seldom-used, generally-useless tags for specific types of stimulation like clitoris_tweak and clit_pull, as well as the general clitoris which some people use as a tag for it, but I don't think I have to explain what is wrong with this system and how annoying it is to search for the generalized thing.

I probably don't really *need* permission to start a cleanup, but I wanted to put this out there first so that I don't seem rude going and messing with established tags without saying anything.

So may I, danbooru? The new tag will likely be clit_stimulation, by the way.

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  • Hillside_Moose said:
    I'm not sure why we need to nuke the tags when implicating them to clitoral_stimulation would be just as effective. Pulling and tweaking seem distinctive enough.

    I'm fine with it either way.

    I didn't mean to imply that the smaller tags *need* to be nuked. Sorry if I sounded overzealous or anything.

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  • clitoral_stimulation is fine as an umbrella tag.

    create alias clit_pull -> clitoris_pull
    create alias clit_tweak -> clitoris_tweak
    create implication clitoris_pull -> clitoral_stimulation
    create implication clitoris_tweak -> clitoral_stimulation

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