Tag discussion: Criteria for large_breasts, huge_breasts, and gigantic_breasts

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When you say "breasts should be X times larger than the character's head to qualify" (where X is an integer equal to or greater than 1), do you mean BOTH breasts' size combined, or each breast on its own? Because throughout my time surfing this site, I've seen pretty much each of the tags in the topic title being applied BOTH ways.

E.g.: some pics (like post #1193665, post #1121344, and post #205324) with the "huge_breasts" tag may have the character's breasts COMBINED be "larger than but no more than than twice her head"; others with the same tag (post #364019 and post #930300), however, would instead have a character whose breasts are EACH "larger than but no more than than twice her head", and COMBINED would be easily (and sometimes WELL BEYOND) "twice as large as her head". Note that if the first batch of pics were to follow the "each breast alone" interpretation, they would have to be retagged as large_breasts instead, since each breasts is "roughly similar in size" to the character's head; conversely, if the second batch had followed the "both breasts together" interpretation, they would have to be retagged as gigantic_breasts instead.

And this even extends to the "gigantic breasts" tag: pics like post #1175154, which despite featuring only ONE girl, has both the "gigantic breasts" and "huge breasts" tags. The former tag was most probably added by someone operating under the "both breasts" interpretation, while the latter one may have been added by someone taking the "each breast" interpretation instead.

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I agree that the wiki needs to clarify both or either one of. I used to tag the head vs one but realized the often meant huge breast sizes, so must mean "the entire bust is bigger, same size as or smaller than the head".

S1eth said:
Yes, you need to compare ONE breast to the head, not both breasts together.

Okay, good, this is what I always assumed as well.

For future reference though, I agree that the wiki needs to be clearer.

It seemed fairly obvious that you should use a single breast to measure. If you used two, then pretty much everything is skewed to huge_breasts.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, as the examples that I've cited show. I know I've seen loads of other pics under each of the three tags that have the same problem.

Perhaps we need a site-wide coordinated effort to spread awareness and gradually fix it? I'm not familiar with Danbooru's modus operandi in cases like these.

To think I'd live to see a completely serious discussion about the definition of "gigantic breasts". Oh Danbooru.

The problem with tags that have subjective names and more clear-cut wiki definitions is that people tagging them tend to not actually check the wiki before applying the tag, and that's why we see a lot of mistagging. Fortunately this one is relatively easy to fix, just a bit tedious because of the post volume.

Heh, we could alias them to a very literal

  • 1breast>2xhead
  • 1breast>1xhead
  • 1breast=1xhead
  • 1breast>head/3
  • 1breast<head/3

Or maybe something that looks less like Perl (and "compared to 1/3 the volume of the head never really made much sense to me).

Aristocrat said:
To think I'd live to see a completely serious discussion about the definition of "gigantic breasts". Oh Danbooru.

Well, it really epitomizes the reason for accurate tagging; I personally have huge_breasts on my blacklist because I think they look incredibly silly, especially since they tend to be paired with a pencilwaist and hips you could park a bus on.

MarqFJA87 said:
So... What's the verdict on what to do now?

Tag based on one breast's size, I'd assume.

Tag new uploads correctly.
Fix old posts if you come accross them.

There is no urgent need to fix all old posts, but if you're willing to be a tag gardener and correct the tag on thousands of old images, you might be promoted to Builder level.

Considering it took me a good portion of the evening to clean out a relatively small tag (and I still have to go check on it every week or so), I commend anyone nuts enough to tackle something as popular as a tag on breasts.

If anyone does decide to take it on, the tag script system will be your very best friend. I'll gladly help anyone who wishes to understand it.