Tag implications: types of poke ball

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jxh2154 said:
Done, though I can see some of these becoming potentially ambiguous. Can deal with it at the time, I guess.

Would you elaborate on the ambiguity, please? This subject interests me.

Maybe you know any non-Pokémon use for "love ball", or something like that?

Can't we get rid of those implications? They honestly make zero sense to me, because they are vidually extremely distinctive and have other abilities, too.
A PokéBall is the one with red/white coloring, while a master ball is purple/white white those two red bulges. And a master ball is working completely different, like I said.

So I suggest to get rid of these implications.
I can kindy understand these implications, because Bulbapedia doesn't make a difference and use them as a general term and for the red/white ball, too.
Although only the German Pokewiki does make a difference between the two and uses the term PokéBall for the red/white ball and the plural (PokéBalls) for the catchall term. Might be a bit nitpicky, but yeah. I think that Danbooru is focussing more on the visual differences and I don't want to find a Master Ball when searching for PokéBall.


If we go that way, we'd have to redo the holding_pokeball tag with all the variants and undo those implications.

Personally, I think what we have here is fine and doesn't need to be messed with and is also easier for people who've just started tagging to keep it all unified.