Tag Alias: piko piko hammer -> squeaky mallet

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Well Squeaky Hammer is now used by toy companies to describe it.

I guess if piko piko hammer had a dictionary entry it would be the true term, otherwise if seems like it is a made up Japanese term vs a made up English one for the same object.

Squeaky hammer is a native English term that refers to toy hammers or inflatable hammer-shaped baloons with a squeaky bit on the end.

Anime nerds will likely know post #801266 as a piko-piko hammer, which is originally a Japanese term, but refers only to the yellow-handled, red-ended toy hammer.

So it depends if you want to keep the Japanese term's definition to it's stricter, iconic design and keep it separate (in which case implicate piko->squeaky), or loosen the definition and alias everything to an English term (a little looking suggests hammer vs mallet is a US vs UK English thing).