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Negative Records? In My Inbox?

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I got four negative records. But what did I do wrong? I removed deleted parent posts from its child post, since it's now useless. And I also put the more colored picture as a parent post. What is wrong with those guys giving me negative records?

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Just sent me a message a minute ago.

Hansen_Sebastian said:
It is said on the wiki guide that underscores in wiki links are not needed nor necessary, yet you put them on links? The Wiki bullet points also need to use capitalization as per the proper naming. Please don't do this.

I'm monitoring this guy's wiki edits since NWF_Renim gave him that record for removing spoiler tags. I revert many of them as the changes are usually for the worse.


Hansen, you need to stay out of the wikis. For your own good.

Very few users receive four negative records about a range of issues from four different high level, experienced users. This should be a sign that you are really doing something wrong.

While we appreciate enthusiasm in editing the site, disregarding sound advice from experienced users is not appreciated. I won't ban you yet, but removing spoiler tags puts me damn close to doing so. One more of those and it'd a permanent ban. Please take seriously the advice you're getting because this is as far as we can go with just dmail warnings and negative records. It's not fair to the people who need to spend time checking and reverting incorrect changes.

If you have any questions about how something works, just ask. As long as you're open to advice, I trust you'll get a polite, straightforward answer.

Also, if you disagree with something, ask about it. If you still don't understand the reason or disagree with it, leave it a while. Don't do any editing involving that issue and often the situation will become clearer with time as you see more examples.

Also the freedom of speech argument is the oldest on the internet and has never worked; not in the 80's and not now.

MyrMindservant said:
Hansen Sebastian is still systematically removing underscores from tags in the wikis. Not sure if this is as important as I think, but it certainly isn't helpful.

Tags on wikis must use sharp brackets, not square brackets. Square brackets link to wiki pages and do NOT need underscores.

MyrMindservant said:
Also do not remove underscores from tags in the wikis. I've already mentioned it in forum #80599 but you are still doing that (recent changes to cover_image and extra_legs).

If the tag has square brackets around it, it's a wiki link, not a tag. The link on the status bar will show "show?title=x" for wiki pages and "index?tags=x" for tags.


In isolation, any of these actions could just be misguided attempts to be helpful, but taken together, and especially with things like unhiding spoilers and arguing with well-established definitions and policies, I'm almost certain he is willfully if subtly trolling us. If this is the case, he is literally asking for a ban, and so I'll give him one. In case I'm wrong (which I might be), I'll make it relatively short, but if he comes back willfully confronting established users on usages and policies, he probably deserves something more permanent.

Ah, you beat me to the punch. I was also going to ban him for a "short while," but was thinking how to word it (that takes me awhile).

At minimum, I'm tired of essentially reviewing every single wiki edit he makes. I'm also rather tired finding what seems to be completely made up "information," like the origin of "come hither" coming from the phrase "come, hit her." It's nice that he's filling in empty wikis, it's not nice having to change several of them because he doesn't understand how we're using the tag or seems to be making up stuff (when he's not just copy and pasting wikipedia).

Also given his new comments and seeing his recent change to extra_legs, I take it his new intentions are if we leave the underscore in he's going to replace the [ that links to wiki pages and change them to { to make them link to searches? I'm not sure why he changed multiple_legs (wiki link) to multiple_legs (search link) in the extra_legs wiki, when it properly linked to an actual wiki page. Personally, when I refer to a tag specifically, I leave the underscores in. That's why I specifically word some of them "use the name_of_tag tag instead" instead of going with "use name of tag instead".


Is it okay to make another account after you have been temporarily blocked?

This is just a guess, but this new user HS2402 has made an account today and starting editing wikis, first being extra_legs.
(His comments also remind me of how Hansen keeps coming up with old TF2 jokes or re-enacting the TF2 videos...)

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