Would this be acceptable to post?

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There's a fairly high res dakimakura of Kagiyama Hina here at post #967481.
Unfortunately, it also has a big SAMPLE written across.
I found a smaller version of the image without sample text, here http://sengendo.a.la9.jp/img/hina_sample01.jpg

Seeing as its not as high resolution as the original, would the lack of SAMPLE text be good enough? And which one would be considered the Parent? Should that always default to the oldest post, or the better quality post?

If anybody else wants to upload it, go ahead. I'm just curious about specifics.

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Personally I wouldn't upload it, but if you want to, I think it's fairly likely that someone will approve it.

As for which one should be the parent, that should always be the better quality version. Which one was posted earlier is irrelevant. If there are differences that make it difficult to establish which one is the better quality version (like lower res without watermark .vs higher res with watermark) then it doesn't really matter which one you make the parent.