New tag: hair_half_down

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With how asymmetrical_hair is used currently, I'm a bit unsure how strictly or loosely we're supposed to be using it. It seems to be on lots of images of Karen from Nisemonogatari, but that's simply a side_ponytail. If any amount of asymmetry counts, then that, along with one_side_up, side_braid, etc. could be implicated. Current wiki says a "significant element of asymmetry" which would require a judgment call before tagging and rule out any implications.

I don't like half_hair_down because it leaves the implication that the hair is also half hair_up, which would seem to imply buns or a french braid or something similar. Maybe something like this: post #343506.

In most of the cases here, all the hair is still down, with a half twin_braids set up. Of the options here, I think hair_half_undone sounds the best. It could also be used in situations where hairdressing is occurring and not yet finished. Something like: post #1005770. Messy hair would be a good partner tag that might make sense to note in the wiki.

It should also be noted that this be used in cases that oppose a "fully done" hairstyle, and not a complete style on their own. I don't think this tag should apply to a typical side_ponytail or something like toosaka_rin's typical "half-in-ponytails-on-the-sides, half-down-in-the-back" hairstyle.