Jersey vs. track suit

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UK and UK-derived English also tends to use "jersey" to refer to what American English calls a sweater. (Possibly this is because the climate means that sportswear there - especially for winter sports, like football and rugby - has often been heavier than the American equivalent.)

I almost want to say that the jersey tag should be renamed to "team jersey", what with the proposed tighter use, but I don't know if that would fly. Either way, it's probably worth adding a brief note and a cross-link to sweater.

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  • Jersey does tend to mean sports team jerseys to me, at least as it's used around here. But when the ジャージ is used in anime they're usually referring to... hmm, I guess the track_suits? Rarely if ever to the clothing people would buy to support their favorite hockey team.

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  • This is sort of like the confusion between buruma and bloomers. They're two very different garments.

    "Jersey" is used by Japanese to refer to track suits, yes. I don't think it should be used that way on Danbooru, though; it's perfectly fine to use track suit for that.
    "Jersey" ought to refer to the team jerseys, I think.

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  • I agree with what everyone is saying, but just to be clear a "team jersey" need not be promoting any specific team, so long as it is the same type of garment (even if generic). Also basketball, baseball, and soccer jerseys all look slightly different, but they are all close enough to be called jersey.

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  • I didn't notice this discussion before, but now that it's been bumped I feel I should point out that jerseys (The athletic sort. They use it to refer to sweaters and such in England, I believe, because that's the original use of the word.) are not just for team sports. A jersey, as mentioned before, is a type of athletic apparel. You can buy running jerseys (ies?) and bike jerseys in any sports store for non-competitive athletics.

    In post #667200 the garment being worn on the torso, for example, is a bicycling jersey. If we do create a tag specifically for team jerseys, then we would need to create a separate tag for non-team jerseys as well.

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  • I've done a lot of cleanup on this tag over time, but in some instances track suits/jacket still get tagged as "jersey". I haven't done anything about there not being a wiki entry (which the topic creator mentions) though. Anyone up for a good definition based on this thread? IMO, post #1184050 serves as a decent comparison image: track_jacket on the left and jersey on the right.

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