Absurdres photos - loading/viewing issue

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For some time now I've been unable to view images with extremely high resolution, almost always tagged under "absurdres," "incredibly_absurdres," or "huge_filesize."

I'm able to be physically directed to the image's page itself (The tags, comments, etc. are visible), but rarely does the picture itself load. Instead, I end up seeing a duplicated list of the tags where the image ought to be, however I can copy and paste the image into a document program.

At this time I'm having some lagging/performance issues with my computer, so I wasn't sure if this was a problem entirely on my end due to that, if it's something I messed up/misunderstood about Danbooru, or if it's something an admin or similar higher-up can fix.

The workings of this site are still largely a mystery to me, so if by chance this post is incorrectly categorized, I sincerely apologize.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've loved being able to view artwork on Danbooru and want to continue to do so if I can.

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  • What browser do you use and what are your system specs? How fast is your internet?

    Some browsers cannot properly render large images. Try Firefox or Chrome if you do not currently use one of those. If your internet is slow, your browser might time out on the image load.

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  • Go to My Account -> Settings, and make sure "Show Image Samples" is checked. If your computer is old, it's better not to load very large images on your browser.

    Edit: If you're willing to change browsers, try Opera as well. It's better than Firefox and Chrome IMHO.

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  • Though the most recent Opera version gives me this annoying bug where if I scroll before an image finishes loading, it doesn't render the rest of the image even after it finishes loading, unless it goes off-screen in any manner (scrolling, tab changing)

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