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As I have finally got a round tuit and am reworking howto:rate, as promised in forum #31026, I'm making this thread to have a single place for people to ask about ratings they're not sure of. The same basic idea as the "loli check thread" in forum #33650.

The usual rules apply: link the images you want to consult about here, await feedback. Don't create new threads for this purpose, and keep this one on topic, if any discussion starts to stray, move it to a new thread.

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Cyberia-Mix said:

post #283315

Probably just gone unnoticed until now but, just in case, sexy exposed waists are safe right?

That's something you could reasonably show up in on the street, so yes.

> Also, Hazuki, how about including an examples part in the wiki page to guide users on some borderline cases?

As I mentioned in the original thread, yes, that's the plan. But I'm only doing drive-by forum check here, and won't have the time to do it properly until Friday or so. Please remind me if I forget.

葉月 said:
Ehh, that's not "exposed". Nudity involves being nude, y'know. It's obviously non-sexual, so safe.

Geh. I'll never be able to wrap my head around this. It confuses me as much as rating visible female genitalia as questionable. :/

[Edit]To stay on topic: post #643058

Shinjidude said: This new system confuses me too, I'd have placed post #643058 pretty firmly in safe, and consider it borderline safe/questionable at worst.

On second thought, I probably would too. While it does have a bit of a sexual overtone to it, it isn't exactly sexually charged, and it also appears to be rather tasteful as well, IMO.

Very borderline, indeed.

I'd say it's enough to be Questionable, albeit just barely. The pose, and the way the shirt is kinda sliding off, plus the general composition of the picture all add something of a sexual undertone to it.

I still think the exposed nipples in post #469256 add enough of a sexual tone to gain the Q-rating. Most of what I'd call "non-sexual nudity" omits details such as nipples and genitalia.

Something weird happened with post #468060.
The tag history says I changed the rating from s to q, but the rating was q already when I started editing the post. Another case of posts changing ratings with no trace in the history. Anybody knows the reason?

While we're at it, how should that post be rated?
Hazuki set it to s, but maybe he's the one who set it back to q after that. Both s and q seem fine to me so I don't know.

Also, post #359651 is a bit loli-ish but not enough to warrant a q rating imho.

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