Tag Alias: lube -> lubrication

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Question here is the difference between the object, and the state. Lube (or lubricant) is a thing, lubrication is what happens when you use the lube. Not sure which direction we should go in, of if we should alias at all.

What about non-sexual lubrication, ie. grease, oil, etc.? I believe these are usually not called "lube" (unless it's specifically in the context of mechanics, which is not the case on danbooru).

I'd be against this alias as well. As Hazuki states, "lube" as used here basically pertains to sexual lubricants or at least lubricants meant for use on the human body "lubed-up wrestlers". Oil, grease, graphite, and other mechanical lubricants can be referred to as "lube", but are a very different semantic concept that we ought to keep separate. Even in their case, it's not a concept important enough to Danbooru's topic matter to warrant an umbrella tag.

Basically no one on Danbooru is going to be interested in seeing oiled-up people and engine grease together, nor are they going to be searching out engine grease and WD-40 as a unified concept.

tl;dr: Lube should remain unaliased as something to be used on or with humans; oil, grease, etc. should be kept tagged separately.