Tag discussion: New gesture \y/ ?

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It's a one hand gesture with two open fingers, with the index finger and the pinkie sticking upwards and the other three joining in the front. Different from \n/ because no fingers are held to the palm.

It seems to be an Asian gesture, but I have no other clues on what it's called, \y/ is what I think is closest to it.

these are the examples: post #1086770 post #1092513

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I think Log's suggestion is good.

It should probably be noted in the wiki that the hand gesture can be used for other animals as well (though I'm sure all or the majority of usages here will be of a fox). Notably according to wikipedia one of the Turkish political parties uses/used it to represent a wolf, while searching around google I found the Oakland Zoo in California uses it for a coyote, and this one college in Ohio apparently uses it to represent a Llama. Just examples of how the same shape can be several different animals.

Probably being a broken record here, but I've wanted to convert the \m/ tag into a catch all for any handsign that uses the extended thumb and pinky in it. I'd Move the current definition of \m/ to a tag like ILY_gesture and have it implicate \m/.