Tag War - Post #1268750

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Looking through the recent comments, I noticed some comments on post #1268750 that would indicate a tag war between Kronnang Dunn and Rampardos over the cyberpunk tag, and the post's recent tag history bears this out--specifically, KD keeps adding the tag, and Rampardos keeps removing it, both citing "tag what you see" as their rationale. Looking at their comments and tag edits, it's been going on for a couple weeks or so, but only really picked up in the past few days.

Updated by Nials

It seems to have gone from an argument on the content of the image to whether meta knowledge counts.

That is, the fact it is from a game that is classified as cyberpunk means the image is considered cyberpunk by association.

I think this similar to the discussion on tagging remilia_scarlet as a vampire. The requirement of meta knowledge vs what is in the image.

On the topic of the cyberpunk aspects of the image itself, it very borderline without the meta-knowledge.