Difference between bloomers and pumpkin_pants?

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I've been going through the pumpkin tag lately and noticed that there were these puffy type of shorts like in post #1027809, post #1028899 and post #1042223 tagged as pumpkin pants, which closely resemble bloomers. Then I see posts like post #271901 and post #341352 where the shorts are modeled after a jack-o'lantern, so I was wondering if there should be a difference between bloomers, the puffy style of shorts, and the shorts that look like actual pumpkins.


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  • So if my understanding is correct...

    • Regular shorts like post #1027809 would be considered something like puffy shorts or similar. I wouldn't call them bloomers because they're not worn under dresses like underwear, but are typical outer wear like regular shorts are.
    • Puffy shorts-like underwear remain as bloomers
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