Question about giving records.

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I have been a (somehow contributing) member of the danbooru staff for almost a month now, and i guess it's time for me to do one of the few things that i had put off due to me having a degree of lacking in experience.

This is about giving records.

Based on your experiences, what are the requirements for giving Positive/Negative/Neutral records? Do you need to see that X has did an exceptional contribution or just give along as see fit?

I am thinking of giving one user a positive record for uploading a set of images that I had trouble looking for a very long time.


You can leave positive records for whatever you wish, negative records are the ones you need to be careful with. Neutral are most commonly used as warnings but they that's not a must.

Hillside_Moose said:
You're rewarding someone with a positive record for the sheer coincidence of posting an image set you wanted?

I had actually somehow issued a "challenge" on post #1096629, And I had been on the hunt for these pics for a long time now.

So i think the uploader deserves some credit.