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Download issue

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That sounds like a browser issue. If you can see the images they are being served from the server fine (it's the same mechanism as far as the server is concerned for a browser to view and to download an image). Try disabling extensions and userscripts and see if one of them might be breaking things for you.

I restarted in safemode and was able to download fine, but I am not sure which add on is not letting me download. Except for updating to version 18.0 of firefox and having my norton tool bar disabled noting has changed since yesterday when everything worked fine. If i have to disable add ons and run in safe mode to see and use one site, then I might as well use IE or Chrome to interact with danbooru. Wish I knew what add on could cause this issue.

Go to the add-ons menu, disable everything, restart Firefox. Works? Re-enable one, try again and if it works, try the next one. Repeat until you've found the correct one.

One of your add-ons probably doesn't work correctly with Firefox 18, so you'll have to leave that disabled until an update comes out. For the record: You have checked for updates for all your add-ons, right?

Found the culprit, its a convenience add on that pops a small tool bar up whenever you hover the mouse pointer over a picture. The toolbar has five choices: Save Copy Print Info and Folder. Unfortunately I do not recall the name of the extension and for what ever reason the extensions do not show up when I pull the add-on's page up, clicking extensions shows a blank page. Not sure if there is a hide command i have to disable or not. Right clicking the picture and saving that way works fine. Just need to find out what the name of that extension is.

The name of the extension is Image Toolbar 0.6.9, no updates are available for it. There is a fix, but I have no idea where to put the .xpi file the link sends me to. Guess I will just have to save the old fashioned way. Oh...the guy who made the fix is called OldManRivuh and is on the mozilla forums. I cannot sign in there as the forums seem to be wonky.

Hmm, I actually think I used to use that extension several years ago. As for using the fixed XPI, you'd just need to open it with Firefox and it will install. My attempt to try it though shows it as still not working. It installs fine, the menu comes up, and downloads queue, but they never start.

You might try checking out https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/save-image-in-folder/ and see if you like it. It does a similar job of making it easier to download images. It works differently though, where you can set a default folder, and then double clicking an image auto-downloads it there.