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While spider web could sound like any silk made by a spider, that would be inaccurate, as the term spider web refers to the net/snare construct created by spiders. The other uses of their silk to produce nests, cocoons, and the like aren't referred to as "spider webs." If you wanted a term for the material that spiders make the web out of that would be "spider silk." The web itself is a "device" or "structure" composed of spider silk.

If you wish to change the naming for web, I guess that's fine, though I can't think of anything as an alternative for naming (though I am in a rush and tired, so that doesn't help). As far as the naming for the spider's net, that structure as far as I'm aware is only naturally created by spiders, and I don't think there are things that create a net like structure like they do, so trying to change that name imo is even harder and you'll only create something likely very awkward sounding.

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