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The recent thread on screencap/cap reminded me of forum #14794. I thought it could use a little more discussion and preferably resolution.

unicogirl said:
A maid_cap is not a cap or hat, it's a headband.

NWF_Renim said:
I think maid_cap should be renamed or aliased to maid_headdress. I'm not sure it quite fits with the current (nor my own personal) definition of headband, which is why I suggest maid_headdress instead of maid_headband.

albert said:
I like maid_headdress. Headdress seems to be what's used in Japan, as well as the CGL community. I think it'd mainly be useful for images of nude maids.

Updated by EB

EB said:
I've restarted the maid_cap tag recently. In my opinion, hats like post #1340330 shouldn't be mixed into the maid_headdress tag which is mostly composed of hairbands. Any thoughts on this?

Agreed that they shouldn't be mixed, but they're not limited to maids. The hats on that post are pretty much the same type as the ones that Remilia, Flandre, and a whole bunch of Touhou characters wear. Maybe the mob_cap tag is more appropriate.

I'm not against using maid_cap for the style, sort of like how a baseball_cap doesn't need to be work by someone playing baseball. We just need a clear wiki, and need to be sure maid_cap is common terminology for it. I'm not familiar with mob_cap but if that's the generic name, it works too.

I'm OK with using "mob cap" if that's what's agreed on, just unfamiliar with the term myself too. Seems to mostly be what I'm looking to tag, going by the Google image search (though some of the results that turn up look more like hairnets to me)