penis and panty related tag clarification?

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There is currently pantyjob, panty_on_penis, penis_in_panties, and panties_around_penis. I feel like some of these are redundant to each other... I guess people just made most of these tags without any real discussion on what differentiates them.

(There was also one post under penis_under_panties but I changed it to penis_in_panties.)

And I don't know what the deal is with penis_under_clothes... Some of it is people putting their penis in other people's clothes (post #1137566, post #1148629) and some are penis-having people wearing clothes which show a bulge (post #1115262, post #1274394).

Updated by Toks

I think that panty_on_penis should be merged or aliased into panties_around_penis (because that sounds better to me).
Pantyjob can be covered by panties_around_penis handjob or panties_around_penis footjob (although the pantyjob posts aren't all tagged properly right now).
Penis_in_panties and penis_under_clothes both seem to be used for two cases: 1. when a person's penis is visible through the panties/clothes they're wearing and 2. when someone sticks their penis into another's panties/clothes.
With the names they currently have, I doubt they'll ever see consistent usage (regardless of wiki definition), so I think those two should either be deleted or moved to more clearly named tags. Like bulge for case 1 and penis_in_another's_clothes for case 2.