Speech bubble aliases and implications

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Aliasing word_bubble -> speech_bubble
Reason: Same thing.

Aliasing blank_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
Aliasing empty_speech_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
Aliasing empty_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
Reason: Same thing. The only one without any posts is empty_word_bubble, but I figure it doesn't hurt.

Implicating blank_speech_bubble -> speech_bubble
Implicating shared_speech_bubble -> speech_bubble
Implicating shared_thought_bubble -> thought_bubble
Reason: Subset.

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  • Did:
    create alias word_bubble -> speech_bubble
    create alias blank_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
    create alias empty_speech_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
    create alias empty_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
    create implication blank_speech_bubble -> speech_bubble
    create implication shared_speech_bubble -> speech_bubble
    create implication shared_thought_bubble -> thought_bubble

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  • jxh2154 said:

    create alias blank_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble

    This one doesn't seem to have worked. It might be because there's another tag aliased to it, so this might help:

    remove alias blank_word_balloon -> blank_word_bubble
    create alias blank_word_bubble -> blank_speech_bubble
    create alias blank_word_balloon -> blank_speech_bubble

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