Tag Implication: double_\m/ -> \m/

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Before doing this, could we go back and rethink on the whole \n/ and \m/ usage? I still believe what we're currently using \m/ for should be migrated over to a different name like "ILY_sign" or something and then using \m/ as a catchall for all hand signs that have an extend pinky and extend index finger.

jxh2154 said:
we can always repoint implications if we end upchanging tags later.

*sigh* I'll just resign myself that it will just be another thing that will never happen then. It's been almost 3 years since proposing a catchall for extended pinky and thumb gestures, and over 1 year since I explicitly talked about changing the current \m/ to an ILY tag.


How about we alias \m/ and \n/ to ily_sign and horns_sign respectively?

I think those are a bit more descriptive than the current names; I wouldn't have even realized there was a difference between them without the wikis.

It also seems to be what Wikipedia calls them (more-or-less), FWIW: ILY Sign and Sign of the horns

remove implication double_\m/ -> \m/
remove implication double_\n/ -> \n/
create alias \m/ -> ily_sign
create alias \n/ -> horns_sign
create alias double_\m/ -> double_ily_sign
create alias double_\n/ -> double_horns_sign
create implication double_ily_sign -> ily_sign
create implication double_horns_sign -> horns_sign