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The ban I put on myself no longer seems to keep me from doing various things (notes, comments, tags, uploads). Of course, I say this without knowing the extent of what bans affected before now. I've also noticed that my level seems to have changed from "10" to "20" at some point today or yesterday. That changed me to "member" status from a previously blank status, but it seems a "ban reason" still exists on my account since I can see it in my profile. This would also seem to be the case for all the other banned accounts. Here's where I am...

What are bans supposed to do? Are they still in effect?


i'll bump this since it's related. i received an unsolicited dmail from a banned user . i don't know his offense in the initial ban since there's no post, note, and wiki changes. i'll assume he spammed dmails.

if forum #46785 still holds true, then i assume there are 2 more users maximum who received spams the day i received one. and probably doing this on a regular basis.

i'll just ask, should a permanent ban still allow users to log in? or what activities should they be limited to?

at the very least, i still want them to sent a dmail to someone who issued the record or to any mod so that he can defend himself if charged unjustly.

and the dmail was titled "Read Manga Online" and the body was "View manga online for free at http://www.deliciousmanga.com" (note: i didn't click this, not sure if a phishing site)

All my dreams of mailing spam... Dashed.

Cyberia-Mix said:

Despite the weird circumstances it's nice to see you're fine anyway. :d

It would seem I have been ratted out. My impending doom is imminently pending. Probably... maybe...


Let's face it. I still don't know what bans are supposed to do.