Nice custom stylesheet

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Stylesheet was merged into my userscript: topic #9023
This should make it easier for everyone, as there is only 1 thing to install and maintain/update.

Old (outdated) post:

I made this for personal use and since i quite liked it, i decided to share it :)

*note, this is not a professional addon/script, it is just a collection of personal preferences. (suggestions are welcome though) It is mainly aimed at removing as much whitespace as possible, and being easier on the eyes, no bright white background :D


Without script <-> With script

Edit 22-02; Removed even more whitespace on the post search page - Credits to flynch, borrowed his code for this part.
Also removed whitespace from forum posts, and the other 2 ads.

To use:
Rightclick the pastebin link, save as "danbooru.css". Then use that css file as your preference, or point a plugin to it.
(I personally use Opera, other browsers are only quickly tested but should work well.)

  • *Opera: Rightclick site -> Edit site preferences -> Display -> My style sheet.
  • *Firefox: Any of the many CSS plugins, example, "Stylish".
  • *Chrome: First plugin i found on google for custom CSS: "Personalized Web Options".
  • *IE: see below post, but i highly recommend to download a new browser :)