Tag Alias: cum_inside -> cum_in_pussy

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Remove alias cum_in_pussy -> cum_inside
Alias cum_inside -> cum_in_pussy

Reason: The cum_inside tag is intended to be used for intravaginal ejaculation. But from the name alone, you could easily think that it's a catch-all term for cum in the vagina, ass, mouth, etc.

There are a fairly large number of posts mistagged because of this name. To give two of many examples, there's post #1282439 (anal) and post #1353773 (oral).

Changing the tag to cum_in_pussy would avoid this confusion. It would also fit with the names of cum_in_ass and cum_in_mouth.

This suggestion was also made in forum #23687, but no discussion or action was taken regarding it (actually, it got derailed immediately).

Another possibility is to use cum_inside as a catch-all for cum_in_pussy, cum_in_ass, and cum_in_mouth, implicating those three to it. I don't think it's really necessary, though.


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