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dolphinjet said:


I notice this from time to time.
This link format will only go to 503 on pixiv server.
Is this link format machine generated?

Where are you seeing that text?
It's regex (not a link), and shouldn't be visible on the site.

dolphinjet said:

Nope, I just wrote it in regex form
It appears as something like this

This link won't lead to any page but a forbidden blank page on pixiv.

That's not a link you're meant to click, it's an individual artist's Pixiv URL.
In other words, every image that that particular artist posts on Pixiv will have a URL that looks like:

This is useful for Danbooru because it allows the artist finder to work. If you were uploading an image and set the source to:
The "Artist" button would be able to use that link format to easily find the artist's tag: migel_futoshi.

Well, it's only useful for the script to get the pixiv's login ID of that artist.
But the login ID can be irrelevant to the artist's name or nickname too.
Or does danbooru use it to crawl pixiv? Otherwise I don't think it's useful to ordinary users as there is already an alias field, and a pixiv account's link.

Besides, wouldn't it be more useful to designate a field for pixiv ID number?
As there are many artists having pixiv account, the pixiv related links can then be simplified,
and this may make the pixiv ID be easily searchable by making it not to be mixed with other ID numbers.

The point of the URL field for an artist isn't for users to click them. It's mainly for the artist finder to work. (There might also be some other reason I'm forgetting, too.)

The links that users are supposed to click can be put in the wiki page for the artist. For example, the wiki for artist #63700 looks like this:


Japanese name: えるぼ (Erubo)
Other names: erb, えるぼぼ or EL:
Site name: m+n

See also

Note that none of those links use a strange format that isn't meant to be clicked, even though the URL field does.

^ they're fixed by henmere already artist version #9373 , artist version #35623 , artist version #9035

the wiki is different from the artist db section. the former only shows the Body field of the artist. while an artist db entry includes everything.

just a reminder, if you've wondering why something is there, better leave a note in the forum first. surely, you'll get a reply soon enough. and even if an url is already dead, just leave it as is. it still has a purpose.