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It's an awesome feature, to be sure, but I face some problems when using it. It considers 850 pixels to be large, while I consider only the images tagged "absurdres" to be large enough to need resizing. So, many images that I want at full size are compressed to fit the screen. Clicking "view original" results in a larger but blurred image.

Is there a way around this? Am I not using the settings in the best way I can?

Updated by kittey

I believe you have the "Default image size" setting set to "large". If you select that option, all images over 850 pixels in width will be sampled down.

If you set it to "original", only the un-sampled, original images will be displayed.

You can then check "Always resize images", which will simply fit the image to your screen (without sampling it).

You can also toggle the image being fit to your screen with the "Resize to window" link under Options on the post's page.

Checking "Always resize images" and setting image size to "Original" does not resize huge images the way it does if the image size is set to "Large". This bothers me only when I'm loading huge images like the ones tagged "absurdres". With my connection they take quite a while to load completely.

Seems there is no way around this. Thanks for the response.

Django2009 said:
Clicking "view original" results in a larger but blurred image.

When you click “view original” the 850px sample is scaled up to the original image size by your browser, so it looks blurry. At the same time the actual image starts loading in the background and replaces the blurry one once it’s done loading. With large images and/or a slow connection this can take a while and there isn’t any indication on the site to tell you what’s going on.

I must say that I preferred the more barebone previous solution that just replaced the sample with the larger image and you could watch it loading. That was somewhat ugly because the image vanished for a while, but at least you knew what was going on. :-/