Half of everything is "broke" on here

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Been getting it all the time now, would dare to say with 75% of pictures I try to open. Even created this account to see if it was because of not enough privileges or downloading over some kind of quota, but didn't work. One example is trying to open images from this pool http://www.donmai.us/pools/847, on the first page I get Failbooru'ed with almost all pictures. Just went to other boorus to see if it wasn't with my computer, all of them worked fine.
Oh, I was downloading a lot of pictures yesterday with no problems, it started one or two hours ago.

Looks like they fixed it, when I was writing this reply I got an error and when I refreshed the page, got a "Downbooru" message, saying the site was down for maintenance. A little after, the site was back and now I can open pictures normally(until now, I guess). Thanks to whoever did this :)