Copyright, anyone?

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I'm currently developing an adult game and my plan is to incorporate erotic images manga style. Looking at stock photography sites, however, do not give me the look and feel I am interested at, and your site has a vast selection of things I prefer to incorporate in my game.

Perhaps the big question is, regarding copyright, and infringement of it, if any. To get to the point, is it allowed to download images off this site and incorporate them into my planned game? If so, would it require some sort of acknowledgment, such as a URL to this site, authors being credited, etc?

I can hire an artist to do this for me, but with the cost involved, and with a limited output (your site has way lots, of course), I'm more inclined on using images posted here. Of course, before I can do that, I need to know if I'm not breaking any laws, nor would I want to anger people for the wrong reasons.

Hoping for pointers on this, and many thanks in advance.

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You need to contact the original artists, we don't own nor have control over their material. We're just an archive/library for images.

And for future reference, these kinds of questions are not what this forum is for.