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Tag alias: waist_hold -> waist_hug

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Wiki of hug says "Embracing someone by wrapping their arms around the person." At least one dictionary definition says "to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace."

Those say "arms", plural, which makes me think wrapping one arm around someone like in post #1168302 and post #1207983 doesn't count as a hug. And definitions aside, it feels strange to call those posts hugs, and it doesn't appear that anyone is using the hug tag that way, at a glance.


Current wiki for "hug" does just say "Embracing someone by wrapping their arms around the person."
How about adding something like "Embracing and showing affection for someone by wrapping..." - or more verbose, "Embracing and showing familiarity, love, affection, friendship or sympathy for someone by wrapping..." (from wikipedia).

I agree that post #1168302, post #1207983 don't look like hugs at all.

I'm sure single-arm hugs exist though, when the other hand/arm is not free, or in case of amputation.

Okay, deleted. I'd try to find the changes in my edit list to undo but that's basically impossible for anything that happened more than an hour or two ago... plus it's only 25 posts. I undid a handful that weren't hugs but am not clear on the exact distinction so more probably need to be changed fro hug to hold.