Tales of series character aliases

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In most cases, Danbooru goes with the Japanese names for the character not just in the Tales series, but almost all Japanese franchises.

However, this doesn't seem to be the case with Tales of Symphonia's characters. While minor romanization differences, I feel, can be overlooked, there should be at least two major changes that should be made.

Four minor changes include:

Next: Would it be possible to change certain tags to use title initals or "(tales)" instead of "character_(installment)" for ease of use?

e.g.: sophie_(tales_of_graces) -> sophie_(tog) or sophie_(tales)

Updated by Benit149

Did _(tales) for sophie and Benit's list, and he two sages. Also did collet and regal. But about the Fujibayashi characters, can you clarify? It sounds like it would be a spoiler in which case we stick with their non-spoiler names.